5 Roll

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5 Roll might seem at first glance to be a game where luck is the deciding factor, but don't be fooled, there is a lot of strategy involved. Any game that involves rolling dice does mean that luck plays a role in winning, but in 5 Roll knowing when you are at an advantage is arguably more important.

A game of 5 Roll starts you with you rolling five dice. In order to score points you will select dice with a certain value on them, and try to make different winning combinations. So if you find three dice of the same color that show a particular number, that is a combination that will score you lots of points. Knowing when to select dice and when to roll again and try to find something better is the key to winning.

Find the winning combinations on Capy.com and steer luck to your side in 5 Roll.

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How to play?

  • Use your left mouse button.

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