Papa's Sushiria

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Take charge of Papa's sushi restaurant in Papa's Sushiria once again on, thanks to the power of emulation. The Ruffle emulator brings you back to Papa's restaurants, and you can enjoy again these fun game experiences, directly from your browser.

Like most of Papa's games, some sort of event dragged you to Papa's fabled eateries, and Papa's Sushiria is no different. So as soon as you stepped into Papa Louie's newest Sushiria, it was like destiny had taken hold. You knew the place would be a success, but then disaster strikes! A careless move leads to breaking the lucky cat statue just outside of shop. Is this why things didn't turn out quite right? Not willing to take any chances, Papa leaves on an urgent mission in search for a new statue and puts you at helm of his beloved restaurant. Now that your sushi-making skills have been put on trial can unravel whatever mystery holds back its grand opening? Roll up those sleeves, time to see if yours are true culinary talents or not!

Using your "Sushi Square" cooker, you will pile toppings high atop fresh rolls of delectable nori wraps and get creative as Sakura Bay celebrates different holidays throughout the year, unlocking new seasonal ingredients for each one! Cooking, seasoning and spreading the rice onto nori or soy paper is just one of the tasks that you will have to complete in Papa's Sushiria. You will also have to carefully slice the sushi into equally-delicious bite-sized pieces, as well as serving your world-famous Bubble Tea to all your hungry customers.

As your cooking skills get better, word of your talents spread throughout the land and you will see more and more customers come to your eatery. More customers also means different tastes, so each day a new ingredient might be introduced on the menu, with which you will have to prepare all sorts of fabulous sushi dishes. The better your dishes, the more tips you will receive. At the end of each day you can also play a fun game in Papa's Raceway. This way you can relax and also gain some sweet prizes if you manage to finish the challenge.

Step once more in one of Papa's famous restaurants, directly from your browser, when you play Papa's Sushiria on

NOTE: At the moment, the Save Backup feature (which creates a backup save onto your hard drive) is currently unavailable. Thank you for your understanding. Your game progress is still saved between your sessions, and you can resume your adventure at any time.

How to play

Use the left mouse button to interact with the game and to select all the various cooking stations, and ingredients.

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How to play?

  • Use your left mouse button.

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