Uggs Clean and Care

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Winter is gone and the coming of spring brings with it a change of wardrobe. Rachel hanged up her winter clothes in the closet and replaced them with trendy spring jackets, dresses, tops and bottoms. She will not wear her uggs until next winter, so they must be put away as well. Rachel takes good care of her footwear and she always keeps it clean and tidy. She is about to clean her ugg boots before placing them in the dressing next to the rest of her winter fashion items. The uggs are quite dirty and they must be washed. Help Rachel clean up her ugg boots brushing them first, then washing them with water, sponge and a special footwear shampoo. Rinse and dry them well. Remove the dirt from the soles. Decorate the winter boots in lots of colors or fancy fabric patterns. Add a fur collar, funky zippers, studs, belts or girly chic buckles. Have a great time playing our brand new decorating game.

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How to play?

  • Use your left mouse button.

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