Tap Zap Boom

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When you play Tap Zap Boom you have to make sure that your reflexes are ready for a good workout, because here your hand-eye coordination determines if you advance or if you fail. In Tap Zap Boom you pilot a spaceship that is advancing on a race track. On your way to the finish line you come across places where there is a huge obstacle in your way, at which you have to shoot.

While the first few obstacles are easy to destroy, the further you go the trickier it gets to make your way through, because barriers will be placed in front of you. Hitting the barriers too many times will stop your race, and if that happens you have to restart and try again.

Test your reflexes on Capy.com and see how far you can go and how many points you score when you play Tap Zap Boom.

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How to play?

  • Use your left mouse button.

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