Bubble Dragons Saga

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Help a baby dragon get out of its shell and have fun in Bubble Dragons Saga, unique bubble shooter game where you have to clear all the bubbles that have trapped the dragon egg and it is stopping it from hatching. The action is quite explosive in Bubble Dragons Saga, and you don't get just normal bubbles to shoot, but also ones that come with special powers, that have different effects when they hit other bubbles. So expect stuff like mines and all sorts of others, that turn the board in a visual spectacle like you rarely see in a game of this type.

Like the name says, you will go on quite the adventure in Bubble Dragons Saga, and with its large number of levels, you can expect to have a lot of fun when you play this game. And when the prize of successfully finishing a level is seeing the look of a cute dragon's face, you'll be sure to keep coming back to Capy.com and see this story to its end.

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How to play?

  • Use your left mouse button.

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