Spectra Vondergeist Hidden Halloween

Cute Spectra Vondergeist from Monster High is getting ready for Halloween. She has a wonderful and fabulous costume, but she needs to decorate her yard because she is expecting many trick-or-theaters this year and she needs the place to look spooky and fun! She needs to place many decorations but you need to help her finish decorating in time in this Spectra Vondergeist Hidden Halloween game. Start by searching all the objects, such as a black cat that will scare the visitors, a bate and a flying witch that will be hanged in the trees, a big put in which Spectra will prepare a magic potion, a pumpkin head, a scarecrow that will stand in the middle of the yard and a cute ghost. Make sure that you'll find all the objects before the time runs out. Have fun playing this Spectra Vondergeist Hidden Halloween game!