Laura loves looking up new outfit ideas on Pinterest because this is her number one source of inspiration when it comes about fashion. She would love to come up with new stylish outfits and she needs your help. In this lovely Pinterest Challenge game you need to help Laura browse nice outfit ideas on Pinterest and then create them. You can choose the challenge mode, or the freestyle mode. In the challenge mode you can create a romantic, casual or elegant outfit that looks exactly like the ones that you find on Pinterest. Once you selected the desired style, start browsing on Pinterest for a fabulous outfit and then open Laura's wardrobe to combine the right clothing items. If you choose the freestyle mode in this Pinterest Challenge game, you can create any kind of outfit but it needs to be fabulous and stylish. Keep in mind that once you created Laura's outfit, she is going to pin it so it needs to look perfect but most of all, you need to find the style that suits her the most. Have fun playing this lovely new Pinterest Challenge game!