Hair Salon Brunette Diva

Aida is a beautiful girl, who needs to get ready to go to a party where all her friends will be. She decided to go to the hair salon to get a great diva look. She wants to try a great new hairstyle and she needs your help. In Hair Salon Brunette Diva you can start the prep and wash her hair with shampoo and apply a hair mask. Rinse the products with water and then dry the hair. Comb it with a brush and apply some hair spray. She look great but the hairstyle is not done. In Hair Salon Brunette Diva you can use the scissors to cut her hair shorter and then curl it. For her outfit you can choose one of many amazing dresses and beautiful colors. Try the cute red dress with nice glitzy details. Accessorize with a silver necklace and cute hat. Enjoy the great game called Hair Salon Brunette Diva!