Fantastic Hair Salon

Ladies, it's time for a great makeover at the Fantastic Hair Salon! Cute Alicia has decided to change her look and she needs professional help. She wants a brand new and fab hairstyle. The makeover starts with a fun prep, including hair wash, and a mask application. This is very important, because a healthy and clean hair is easier to style. The hair needs to be dried and the split ends cut with a scissor. In Fantastic Hair Salon she can choose to have her hair curled or straighten. Another good idea is to use hair dye to change the hair color and make it look super cute. I suggest a blond hair dye and curls, because that is very chic this season. Pick a new dress for Alicia and glitzy jewelry to accessorize her look. You can use a pair of diamond earring and a cute purple necklace. Enjoy Fantastic Hair Salon!