Explore Cooking With Dora

Dora the explorer wants to share her cooking skills with you. She has many ideas in mind for delicious recipes and you can help her create something unique and cool. You will need to go shopping first, so don’t waste any time and begin the game called Explore Cooking With Dora! You will need to shop at the grocery store and buy flour, sugar, eggs, milk, salt and vanilla. Place them in the cart and pay the bill. In Explore Cooking With Dora you can now learn the recipe, which will be a delicious dessert. In a big bowl pour the sugar, flour, salt, vanilla and butter and mix everything together. Use the mixer for the best results. Place the composition in a tray and turn on the oven. Cook the composition to perfection by setting the temperature to medium heat. Decorate the dessert with sweets and enjoy the fun game called Explore Cooking With Dora!