Elsa Maternity Doctor

Gorgeous Elsa is pregnant with her first baby and you have to play the doctor role in order to take good care of her. The delivery date is here and she is really nervous. As a doctor not only you have a major duty, but you also have to understand the patient. You have to calm her down and give her a medical consult at the maternity. Prepare her for the delivery by using the medical tools on the screen. Use your mouse to click on each of them. Take the stethoscope and listen to the baby's heartbeats. Then take her pulse and give Elsa a medicine to prepare her for the delivery. Make sure everything goes smoothly for the delivery process. Congrats! You did a great job! Now you have to balance and measure the baby and then clean him properly. Cover the baby with a blanket and then take him to his mommy. What a cute family picture! Have a wonderful time playing Elsa Maternity Doctor!