Elsa and Anna Building Olaf

How about building a snowman with Frozen princesses Elsa and Anna, girls? It sounds like a fabulous idea! This time it is not just any snowman you are about to build. Elsa and Anna need your help to fix their dear snowman friend Olaf. His snowy body parts are scattered all over the ground. Collect each item building Olaf piece by piece. Attach the head to the body, add the hands, legs, carrot nose, coal buttons and hair lock. Olaf is himself again and he cannot be happier. Now he can join Frozen Elsa and Anna on their amazing fairytale adventures. Next on the list is a dress up session. Dress up Olaf in cute outfits mixing clothes and accessories. Make him the fanciest snowman ever designing the most fashionable costumes. Have a fantastic time playing our newest management game!