Elsa After Surgery Caring

Elsa started feeling a bad pain in her tunny so she decided to go to the hospital. In this Elsa After Surgery Caring game you are going to give her a checkup. It looks like she is having appendicitis so she needs to get a surgery really fast. After Elsa falls asleep, she will be taken to the surgery room and once she comes back, your job is to make sure that she recovers from the surgery. Think you can take care of lovely Elsa? Make sure that she is taking her pills and give her injections. While she is recovering in the hospital you can keep her company and play with her. For example, you can paint with her in the coloring book. Since Olaf is her best friend, you and Elsa can create a painting of Olaf. Once she is recovered you need to help Elsa get dressed. Have fun playing this new Elsa After Surgery Caring game!