Dora Sunburn

Dora was having a great time at the beach with her friends, but the sun was so hot that it burned her skin. She wasn't careful and didn't use sun screen protection and now she is in the ambulance with terrible pain. Can you be her doctor for the day and help her feel better? You can do that in this new exciting game called Dora Sun Burn! There are so many things you have to keep in mind when treating a sun burn victim. You have to take care of her blisters, red skin and oxygen level. Let's start the treatment and heal poor Dora. The first step is the EKG and checking the oxygen level. In Dora Sun Burn you need to use cream to calm the neck burn and powder for the blisters. Give her a pill to prevent fever and a quick injection. Have fun playing this great game called Dora Sun Burn!