Barbie Autumn Fling

Barbie absolutely adores autumn. She can't wait for autumn to come so that she will get back to school, where she will meet all of her best friends. Barbie is a very popular girl, so she has a lot of friends. Although she has all these friends, she misses having a boyfriend, so she has put up a plan to solve this tiny issue. In Barbie Autumn Fling, you are going to help cute Barbie get ready for the first day of school, where she wants to meet her next boyfriend. You will begin this fun game by choosing a nice outfit for her to wear. In Barbie Autumn Fling, we have prepared a lot of outfits for you to choose from, so there will definitely be enough options. Once you will have completed with this part, you will then get to move forward to the amazing make-up part. We have prepared the most amazing colors for the make-up, so you will have to mix and match until you find something you love. Have an amazing time playing Barbie Autumn Fling!