Poor Baby’s Sick Today

Hello ladies! Are you ready to become a great doctor? There is a cute girl who requires your help because she is sick. She has different symptoms and came to the hospital for a cure. In the Poor Baby’s Sick Today you can be her doctor and take care of her until she feels better and she is ready to go home. Are you ready for this challenge? I am sure you will do great if you follow the guide. First take her temperature to check for fever. The next step is to check the heart rate using the stethoscope. It seems she will cry if you are not fast, because she is in pain. In Poor Baby’s Sick Today you will need to also apply nasal spray, give her a medicinal pill, and check the oxygen level. She feels better so now all you need to do is to dress her up in some nice new outfits. Have fun playing Poor Baby’s Sick Today!